It was a bittersweet day. We enjoyed Sorrento for another day while we prepared to head home tomorrow. It’s been such a wonderful 3 weeks in beautiful Italy, but we are all eager to come home to see our families and get back into our routines.

One thing we did this evening was reread the blog posts from the very beginning of our adventure. It was so much fun to think back on all we’ve done and seen, all of the fun we’ve had, and all of the people we’ve met in the past few weeks. It’s truly been a remarkable trip for all of us. Arrividerci, Italia! ❤️ 🇮🇹

Amore e baci ~

A couple different views of Sorrento

And our beautiful hotel




After yesterday’s rain and a sketchy weather forecast we were beginning to think our Amalfi adventure was going to consist of playing pinochle and drinking some wine in the bar at the hotel! But luck was with us! Today, we awoke to sunshine over Sorrento, so after a nice breakfast we headed into town to get the bus for Positano.

It was a white knuckle bus ride that included hairpin turns, narrow roads, and lots and lots of honking. But we arrived safely, and it was so worth it. Positano has to be one of the most beautiful places in the world. The views are endless, bougainvillea blooms everywhere, the Mediterranean Sea sparkles in the sunshine, and interesting shops line the narrow walkways.

We finished the day back in Sorrento and ate an early dinner at a great seafood restaurant on the waterfront. We all agreed it was an amazing little hole in the wall, but a couple of hours later Dad was in the throes of a food poisoning attack. He’s already feeling better, so it was just a temporary crisis.

I took so many pictures today and I know these few will show off our day better than my words can express. It was really an amazing time full of unforgettable scenery and summer-like weather. La dolce vita!

Much Love~

On to Sorrento!


We are really having some rain issues right now and we had to leave our Rome apartment this morning in another downpour. Rome was our only lodging that wasn’t walking distance to the station so we first had to find a cab. That alone wasn’t too easy during morning rush hour, so we were pretty soaked when we got to the train station. The upside was that we booked the frecciarossa, which is the fast express to Naples, so we arrived in just an hour and eight minutes. Our top speed was 290 kph on a very smooth and quiet ride.

Sorrento is just beautiful. Even though it is autumn and we are not having blue sky weather, it is very tropical here with palm trees and lots of lemon and orange trees. We are back to a hotel after 4 VRBO properties, and it’s perched on top of a cliff overlooking the Bay of Naples and the city of Sorrento. The view from our room couldn’t be prettier. We did a bit of shopping and exploring in the town after our arrival. It was fun to see that they’ve finished putting up their Christmas decorations in the town.

Our plan is to take a bus to Positano tomorrow to see a bit more of the Amalfi Coast.

Love to all~

First, our cab ride to our Sorrento hotel in another episode of pouring rain. Dad had to help wipe the windows since the defroster wasn’t working.



Today our adventures took us to St. Peter’s Basilica, the Vatican Museum, the Sistine Chapel, and the Colosseum… four of the most iconic sites in Italy, and yet we were all struggling. After more than two and a half weeks of sightseeing, the crowds finally got to us and we admitted that our brains had taken in about as much as possible for awhile. Because these sites were so important we did our best to focus and we certainly appreciated what we were witnessing. But when we looked at one more hill that we’d have to hike to get to the Forum? We all started laughing and agreed that we could see it just fine from the bottom!! Forum, schmorum. We were done.

Tomorrow morning we take the train to Sorrento, which will be our unwinding place before we head home. We hope to see some sunshine at the sea and look forward to relaxing.

Much Love~



The day started with a return trip to Trevi Fountain. Early this morning without the massive crowds we were actually able to get to the fountain to throw in our coins. What a beautiful place!

After a cappuccino at an outdoor cafe we began the walk to the Vatican. At precisely 12:00 the Pope appeared at his window to deliver a prayer liturgy. We have no idea what he was saying, but you could have heard a pin drop in the huge crowd and we all felt lucky to have seen him.

Later, on our way to the Colosseum the sky became eerily dark and we had rain, thunder, and lightning of epic proportions. We had to run for cover to feel safe! We were drenched from head to toe and hid out in a small museum with about 50 other wet humans for over an hour. (I think their tiny gift shop did record sales!) By the time we could leave we were freezing and still sopped, so we curtailed our plans and walked back to warm up in a hot shower.

By the way…I had artichoke ravioli tonight which may be one of the best morsels I’ve ever eaten.

Tomorrow we’ll be extra busy so we can fit in the things we missed today.




I’m giving Dad lots of kudos today…driving in to Rome was a hair-raising experience. Once we got off the freeway it was every man for himself, but he kept his cool and found the drop off point near the termini, and then managed to squeeze between cars and cement poles for 7 floors without incident. We continued the fun with Mr. Toad’s Wild Cab Ride to our apartment. There was a collective “phew” when we arrived!

Our apartment is in a great location near Campo Fiori. There are cute shops and a very popular enoteca is across the street. Once we were settled we spent the rest of the day wandering and getting a feel for Rome. We went to the Pantheon and Piazza Navona. We also saw the Trevi Fountain but we’ll head back again early tomorrow to beat the crowds.

Dinner was amazing at a small place called Da Enzo. It was in the neighborhood Trastevere, across the Tiber River. We had made a reservation some time ago and were glad we did as we skipped right over the lines of people gathering to get in. It couldn’t have been better, and the fried Jerusalem artichokes were so good we ordered it twice!

Tomorrow is Sunday and with some luck we’ll see the Pope. We are going to the Vatican.

Much Love~

Go Dawgs! 💜💛. Go Hawks! 💙💚

Rainy Day


We woke to a different sound today… pouring rain! The Tuscans were very happy about it since they’d experienced a bad drought this season but for us it meant umbrellas and hoods. It also made drying our clothes very difficult! We’ve got a fan on them hoping we won’t have to pack wet clothes into our suitcases in the morning!

Our routine today was about the same, because we had two more hill towns we wanted to visit. First was Montepulciano, and later, Pienza. Both were very pretty and we have noticed that each town we’ve gone to has its own character. Montepulciano was super friendly and lively, and filled with enotecas where you could taste wines, cheeses, olive oil, and truffle products. In Pienza, quiet and elegant, we had lunch, did a bit of shopping, and snapped some photos in the rain.

Strolling the small towns and meeting the people in this beautiful region has been so much fun, and returning each evening to our graceful farmhouse has been relaxing and comfortable. I’m going to miss everything about this place, from the crowing rooster at 5:30 a.m. to the gorgeous sunsets at the end of the day.

But we’re excited for Rome, and tomorrow we go!

Love to all~